Certifikat Kangen Water

Certifikat Kangen Water


ENAGIC adalah satu-satunya perusahaan dengan lisensi medis di dunia yang membuat air ionizers.

Third party safety certification ( Certifikat yang diberikan pihak Independent)

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ISO 9001 – Proof of licensing
of Standard of Quality
and Management system.
ISO 14001 – Proof of licensing
of Environmental
Management system.
ISO 13485 – Proof of
licensing of Medical Device.

Other certifications

Medical Device Marketing Authorizationcertificates_icon_ministryofhealth
Issued by Ministry of Health,
Labour and Welfare, Government of Japan.
License Number: 27BZ006010

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Medical Device Manufacturing license

Issued by Osaka Prefecture. License Number: 27BZ006010
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 Registration certificate of Kangen Water®

Issued by United States Patent and Trademark Office.
Registration Number: 4,063,154
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Registration certificate
certificates_icon_uspatenttrademark (1)

Change Your Water – Change Your Life
Issued by United States Patent and Trademark Office.
Registration Number: 3,852,774
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Hak Cipta dan Hak Paten Enagic Kangen Water Mesin

Recognized as a member in good standingcertificates_icon_dsaIssued by Direct Selling Association for the year 2014.
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Certificate of Registration of Copyrightcertificates_icon_copyrightThe information on this certificate has been made a part of the Copyright Office records.
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Registration for Kangen Ukon certificates_icon_fda
FDA – Food and Drug Administration Certificate of FDA Food Facility.
Registration Number: 15226513166
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 Water Quality Association Member
Certificate of membership, Water Quality Association Issued by the Water Quality Association for 2010
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8-Point Business Model Trademarkcertificates_icon_8point
8-Point Business Model Trademark Exclusive trademark status
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Translated Certificate
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WQA Gold Seal Certificate of Compliance
WQA Gold Seal Certificate of Compliance Issued by the Water Quality Association for 2014
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100 Direct Selling News Global 2011
100 Direct Selling News Global 2011 Issued for Enagic USA, Inc, #60
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DSA Code of Ethics Communication Initiative
Certificate of Recognition Presented to:
Enagic USA Inc.
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 Source : United Stated Patent trademark Office
United Stated Patent trademark Office

Beware of Imposters!
Our commitment to consumer protection

Kangen Water® has been a registered trademark of Enagic since 2005.
No other company can use this trademark. Enagic USA is the only company granted full rights to use the Kangen Water® trademark.

Recently, many unethical companies have illegally attempted to use our trademark. Although we have sent multiple cease and desist letters, they persist with this illegal activity. For this reason, we have instructed our legal department to pursue these imposters.

We strongly encourage you to make sure that the electrolysis machine you purchase is protected by our trademark and is an authentic Kangen Water® machine.
The electrolysis machines we manufacture in Japan and sell in the United States are recognized as medical devices in Japan and are, also, exclusively authorized as such.

Machines manufactured in Korea and Taiwan do not have recognition as medical devices in those countries, yet they continue to sell their machines as Kangen Water® devices in the United States.

Once again, please ensure that the product you are purchasing is authentic.

 Contact US:
Independent Agent
081265710123 | 0819642168 | 08981172087
BBM PIN: 28F8834C

Contact Enagic USA HQ
4115 Spencer St,Torrance, CA 90503, US
TEL: +1 (310) 542-7700
FAX: +1 (310) 542-1700

Disclaimer: Informasi ini untuk tujuan pendidikan saja dan tidak dimaksudkan untuk menggantikan konsultasi dokter atau ahli kesehatan profesional Anda. Dan situs ini bukan milik perusahaan Enagic Kangen Mesin dan tidak mewakili perusahaan. Situs ini adalah independent Agent. Bila Anda terindentifikasi atau gejala suatu penyakit atau gangguan kesehatan hubungi dokter anda untuk menyembuhkan atau mengobati penyakit. Laporan ini tidak dievaluasi oleh Pemerintah. Konsultasikan dengan dokter Anda untuk nasihat medis khusus. Selalu hidup dengan pola hidup sehat dengan melakukan olah-raga teratur, konsumsi makanan sehat dan pastikan kelayakan kecukupan minum air harian Anda.

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